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Student Admissions / Enrollment / Deposit Information

NAC’s admissions officers are here to help to enroll in your pilot training course and/or arrange your airport transfers and accommodation requests.

Some details you should be aware of when applying for admission to Naples Air Center:


Course Enrollment – All Students

For confirmation of a full-time course, NAC requires a completed student enrolment form which can be found on the dropdown menu under Flight School or ATPL Groundschool.


Course Enrollment – Overseas Students

For all overseas students enrolling on a course of training, an INS visa (M-1) is required. NAC will send the necessary approved paperwork which leads to the issuing of the M-1 visa by any overseas US Embassy upon receipt of a completed enrollment form and course deposit. Instructions on the process of obtaining the M-1 visa from your country’s US Embassy/Consulate are subsequently issued by NAC after receipt of the Enrolment Form.


Course Deposit

NAC requires a $1,000.00 deposit with enrollment which upon confirmation guarantees an aircraft/Instructor for the course of your choice. This deposit is non-refundable.


Payment Types

Acceptable payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cirrus Debit Cards, US checks, Cash or Traveler’s Checks( in US Dollar currency).

In addition, NAC also have an online secure (right click on page to check security certificate details) payment facility so you pay online for your deposit or course fees. Please inquire with the school for these details.

If you prefer, a Bank Wire Transfer option is also available. This can offer a more attractive exchange rate for international students. Please note: bank-to-bank transfers can take up to 10 days to be received and therefore must be initiated at least 10 days prior to course start date.


Credit Card Payments

Experience has shown that credit card companies do limit the amount of expenditure on cards and may also freeze credit cards due to unusual activities.

Wire Transfer Payments

Wire transfers can take up to ten days to arrive in the schools bank account even after paying for fast track transfers. Students staying in student accommodation will be required to pay these charges in addition to their ground school account.

Students are asked to plan ahead with their finance to avoid any disruption to their training as we require funds to be applied to student account for course commencement.

Individual Course Schedule
Career Pilot Program Payment Schedule