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When do I need to pay the course fees?
You are not required to pay for your full course upfront. Our payment schedule is designed to ensure your training continuity while minimizing your payments and training risk. This payment schedule is broken down as follows:

Phase 1 -Initial arrival
Upon arrival you will be supplied with any equipment such as books, navigation plotter, headset etc. that will be required throughout your course. In addition to these items, NAC requests an intial payment of $3000.00 to open your flying account.

Phase 2 – Continued payments
As your account reduces to less than $500.00, NAC will ask that you top up you account with additional $1000.00 increments.

Phase 3 – Final Payment
As you reach the final chapter in your course, NAC will calculate a proposed final deposit calculation should it be less than the $1000.00 increment in order to avoid any undue charges.

Terms of Payments
Should a student need to discontinue their training for any reason (excluding CPP and ATPL Groundschool), a review will be conducted by Naples Air Center, Inc. to verify if a full refund of any credit held on account is warranted and if so, will be refunded in the manner it was paid. One exception to this would be payments that are made by cash/travelers checks which will be refunded by company check as large funds of cash are not held on the premises. All checks can be cashed immediately during business hours at Orion Bank of Naples (within 1/2 miles of the school). All training course are based on EASA and FAA minimums additional training may be required to meet EASA/FAA tolerances. Training durations may be adjusted to conform to additional training requirements or delays incurred due to inclement weather or scheduling.