CAA – IMC Rating  

Who is this course for?

Holder of PPL’s issued by the UK CAA have the ability to complete this course. An IMC rating allows you to conduct Cloud break maneuvers, that is it allows you to conduct Instrument Approach Procedures to fly through and descend through clouds. As the weather in the UK can sometimes be not conducive to visual flight UK PPL holder can add this rating to give them the ability to safely maneuver an aircraft through less than visual weather conditions for a safe arrival at their destination.

CAA/EASA (formerly JAA) IMC Eligibility Requirements

  • Be able to read, speak and understand the English language
  • Hold at least a current Class 2 medical certificate
  • Hold a full UK CAA/EASA (formerly JAA) Private Pilots Licence
  • Have logged at least 10 hrs PIC after PPL is issued
  • Pass a written examination with a score of at least 75%
  • Pass a flight test on procedures and maneuvers by a CAA/EASA (formerly JAA) examiner

Course Duration

Based on a full time course, the CAA IMC takes on average 7-10 days depending on the individuals experience and preparation for the course. Students may simultaneously complete the EASA (formerly JAA) Night qualification.

Study Materials

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