Night Qualification

EASA (formerly JAA) – Night Qualification  

Who is this course for?

In order to fly under the EASA rules at night (defined as the hours between 30 mins after sunset to 30 mins before sunrise) you must hold a night qualification. Completing this rating either during or after our PPL training will allow you to fly with or without passengers at night.

CAA/EASA (formerly JAA) Night Rating Aeronautical Experience Requirements

  1. Hold a EASA (formerly JAA) Private Pilots Licence
  2. Have completed at least 5 hrs night training, of which 3 hrs is to be ‘dual’ instructional training, 1 hr of this ‘dual’ training is to be a cross country flight
  3. Completed in the 5 hrs of night training at least 5 take off’s and landings to a full stop at night.

Course Duration

Based on a full time course, the CAA/EASA (formerly JAA) night takes on average 2 to 3 nights to complete depending on the individuals experience and preparation for the course.

Study Materials

NAC stock a full range of EASA PPL books and equipment. We suggest you purchase the books and equipment prior to your arrival.

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