Instrument Rating

FAA Part 141 – Instrument Rating

Who Is This Course For?

Once you earn your pilot certificate, the adventure has just begun. The Instrument Rating (IR) course is designed for pilots who wish to fly under Instrument Meteorological Conditions. ( ie fly through clouds).

FAA IR Eligibility Requirements

  • Hold at least a current FAA Private pilots certificate
  • Hold a current FAA Class III medical certificate
  • Pass a written multiple choice exam with a score of 70% or greater
  • Pass an oral and flight test on procedures and maneuvers selected by an FAA Examiner

Course Overview

  • 35 hours of dual instrument flight time
  • Ground instruction covering pre and post flight briefings
  • Undertake a cross country flight of at least 250nm with 3 different instrument approaches

Note: compared to the Part 61 course, you don’t need to have flown the required 50 hours of cross-country time

Course Duration

Based on a full time course, a novice will need 3-4 weeks to complete depending on the individuals experience and preparation for the course.

Study Materials

NAC stock a full range of FAA IR books and equipment. We suggest you purchase the books and equipment prior to your arrival, click here to purchase them online and have delivered to your door today.

Please CONTACT US for a personalized quote based on your individual training requirements and options.