Instructor Rating

FAA Part 61 – Flight Instructor

The FAA Flight Instructor course(s) are designed for a pilot who holds at least a Commercial Pilots License and wishes to become a Flight Instructor.

FAA CFI Eligibility Requirements

  • Hold either a commercial pilot certificate or higher.
  • FAA Instrument Rating ( for CFII course).
  • Hold a current FAA class II medical certificate
  • Pass the theory tests
  • Pass an Oral and Flight test with an FAA Flight Examiner

Course Overview

CFI  (allow 3-4 weeks for this course)

This course teaches you the basics of teaching and principles of learning. You will learn to refine your skills and do one of the hardest things in a plane; patter (talking, and explaining whilst flying). Our course program gives you the education to become a good flight instructor. We teach you the necessary to become a great flight instructor. NAC’s CFI course is conducted by our most experienced flight instructors.

This course entails:

  • 1 hours spinning
  • 5 hours under instruction in a Piper Warrior
  • 8 hours under instruction in a Piper Arrow
  • 25 hours of ground instruction in the theory and principles of learning
  • 2 Theory tests

CFII (allow 10 days for this course)

An add on to the CFI. You will be taught the theory and methods behind teaching people to fly under IFR flight rules. This course gives you the knowledge to develop a students skills and knowledge for the demands of Instrument flying.

This course entails:

  • 10 hours under instruction in a Cessna 152
  • 8 hours of ground instruction in the fundamentals and instructional techniques for IFR flight
  • 1 Theory test

CFI MEI (allow 7 days for this course)

Multi engine flight skills are demanding both to teach and learn. The theory and skills behind teaching a student to pilot a multi engine aircraft are given in this course by our most experienced multi engine flight instructors.

This course entails:

  • 14 hours in a Piper Seminole (PA44)
  • 14 hours of flight instruction
  • 10 hours of ground theoretical instruction

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