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Naples Airport (KAPF)

Naples AirportNaples towered airport, is located in the heart of the city and has some of the best facilities for general aviation in Florida. Our Class D airspace is considerably less congested than many other airports in Florida thereby maximizing each student’s training time and minimizing their waiting time.

Naples airport has two perpendicular tarmac runways, both 5,000 feet long, 150 feet wide, lighted and equipped with six instrument approaches, including a combination of VOR, DME, GPS and NDB. This selection of approaches allow for all weather access to the airfield as well as on-field training.

Florida International AirportWithin 25 nautical miles of the Naples airport there are many more airports offering plenty of variety for student practice. Two such examples are southwest Florida International Airport (KRSW), located in Class C Radar Controlled airspace, offering a 12,000 ft runway with yet more instrument practice approaches (including ILS). Everglade City with its 2,500 ft runway is an example of a Class E uncontrolled non-towered airport.

In the Naples area, NAC students experience a wide variety of airports, runway systems, approaches and procedures all of which helps them throughout their training to become confident and competent pilots.

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