The UK CAA Private Pilot Certificate course is the entry course for all pilots, whether you be continuing on to an airline career or wishing to remain as a recreational pilot this is the first course we all undertake.

During this course you will receive 45 hours flight instruction.
Based on a full time course of 6 days a week training you will need 4-6 weeks to complete this course.

UK CAA PPL Eligibility Requirements

Be able to speak and understand the English language
Hold a current EASA class 2 medical certificate
Pass the 7 EASA written examinations with a score of 75% or more
Pass a radiotelephony practical test
A qualifying cross country, followed by passing a EASA skill test

The Instrument Rating (IR) course is designed for pilots who wish to y under Instrument Meteorological Conditions. ( ie fly through clouds). For this course you’ll have to get the checkride done in the UK by our affiliate school Andrewseld Aviation.

Multi-Engine is for people who hold a PPL and want to learn to fly a more complex aircraft, capable of more range with more speed and sometimes weight lifting capabilities you will need to move into a twin engine aircraft. To fly a twin a multi engine rating is required.


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