All Non-US citizens are required to be on a student training visa to complete a course of flight training in the US. NAC is approved to issue M-1 training visas to overseas students training here in the US. The INS will require proof that funds are available for the full course of training, and that you have a permanent address to return to in your home country. We will provide all necessary information and steps to obtain your visa after Enrollment.


Licence holders who are just coming to the USA to build hours, refresh/renew their licence or to do a skills test are not required to hold a student visa and may enter the country on the Visa Waiver Program ( if a passport holder of a member country) or a B type visa ( if your country is not part of the Visa waiver program), as long as you are not required to gain a license to fly (the conversion offered by the FAA office is not considered flight training). Persons entering on a Visa Waiver or B type visa will be required to hold a return air ticket. A new requirement for Visa Waiver entry is to complete ESTA.

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