The FAA Private Pilot Certificate course is the entry course for all pilots, whether you be continuing on to an airline career or wishing to remain as a recreational pilot this is the rest course we all undertake.

During this course you will receive 35 hours flight instruction (20 hours with an instructor) and 20 hours ground school Based on a full time course of 6 days a week training you will need 3-4 weeks to complete this course.

The Instrument Rating (IR) course is designed for pilots who wish to fly under Instrument Meteorological Conditions. ( i.e fly through clouds).

During this course you will receive 35 hours of dual instrument flight time, ground instruction covering pre and post flight briefings and you will undertake a cross country flight of at least 250nm with 3 different instrument approaches.

Multi-Engine is for people who hold a PPL and want to learn to fly a more complex aircraft, capable of more range with more speed and sometimes weight lifting capabilities you will need to move into a twin engine aircraft. To fly a twin a multi engine rating is required.

The course contains 11 hours of Diamond TwinStar (10 hours under instruction) and 5 hours of ground school.


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